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Everything I Know, I Learned From Dahlra - Thingish Thoughts From A Bear of Very Little Brain

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Birthdate:Jul 26
Location:South Carolina, United States of America
Website:Teddy Raye WordPress Blog
I became active at LJ thanks to droxy.

One of the things you must understand about me is that I write with the help of a spiritual Muse. Call him a spirit guide, guardian angel, whatever you want, he is part of my life and as real to me as you are. His name is Dahlra, and you will often see me reference DahlraMuse or DMuse. That is him. He's been with me all my life, and I've been aware of him since I was a child, but have only in the last year or so really come to grips with who and what he is.

I fully give him credit for my writing. He helps me to connect with other, like-minded friends, and together some of us are planning work on a book about Muses and how to connect with your spiritual guide.

I started out writing original erotic fiction, and have one novel finished and another about 90% done, but I got interested in writing Harry Potter fanfiction around October of 2010.

I also write about the Dominant/submissive lifestyle, of which I've had some extensive experience. If there was anyway I could sum up what I love to write about, I guess it would be in these two phrases: Snape Whore, Voice Slut

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